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Asturias: The Natural Paradise of Spain

Asturias is a place steeped in history and tradition, inhabited by a people with a unique, friendly nature.

The Principality of Asturias lies in the north of Spain, sharing borders with Galicia to the west, Cantabria to the east and Castilla-León to the south.

Its capital, Oviedo, lies in the central area. The narrow strip between the mountains and the sea, barely 55 km, includes a wide variety of landscapes and great contrasts.

Asturias mountains form a physical frontier not only in a geographical sense, but also in terms of communications, culture or history.

With a humid, mild climate, Asturias has a great variety of flora and fauna and contains autochthonous protected species of considerable ecological value: you can find 6 Biosphere Reserves.

The visitors can discover the local ethnography and take a step by step journey through the marks left by different peoples over time: pre-historic caves (5 UNESCO world heritage), castros, local architecture, Pre-Romanesque art which as a whole has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO, Romanesque, Gothic…

You can relax in the tranquility of the beaches and a well preserved coast, rivers lakes, forests and mountains.

The beautiful and rural Asturias coexists with three cities with three different histories and characters: Oviedo (the capital), Gijón and Avilés, in which you can enjoy with a varied offer in culture and leisure.

You can visit almost twenty fishing towns and numerous historic towns and villages. You can taste a rich and versatile cuisine along the popular cider… A Natural Paradise!

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